Optimum Info launches new website for IKON

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January 19, 2021
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Shortly after Optimum Info unveiled its new branding strategy for 2021, the company launched a website for IKON, their cloud-based solution for Dealer Contact & Field Operations Management.

“We’re excited to be able to share more details about IKON’s value proposition and help our prospects understand the benefits of our solution. The website is meticulously tailored to our audience and features a wide array of resources including industry-specific perspectives, customer success stories, tier-based pricing information and more.” said Adrien Julienne, Global Marketing Manager.

IKON was recently selected by CIO Automotive as a Top Field Service Management solution provider in 2020. With a new brand identity and a new website, Optimum Info aims to provide all the necessary content to increase IKON’s brand awareness.

Among the new features available is the ability for users to request a free Test Drive of the system; “Our objective is to strengthen IKON as its own brand and show the full scope of the product’s value proposition and how it differentiates from our competitors.” added Adrien.

A big focus during the development of the website revolved around the user experience; “Two of the pillars of our company’s strengths are our transparency as a business partner and our products’ user-friendliness. We wanted to reflect this on the IKON website and ensure an optimal user experience along with more accessible content.”

About Optimum Info

Optimum Info is a global business solutions company offering best-in-class Franchise Network Development and After-Sales software solutions to companies in the Automotive, Powersports, Transportation and Equipment industries. The company helps manufacturers globally improve the efficiency and performance across their franchise networks through technology, constant innovation and strong partnership.

With its mission to “Embrace the Mantra of Flexibility”, Optimum Info emphasizes three pillars of flexibility; the flexibility to adapt to current needs, the flexibility to grow with future business needs and the flexibility to self-administer. This is reflected in their business strategy, business processes, solutions’ architecture, and customer service.