About IKON

Optimum Info started developing IKON Dealer Contact Management Solution with a core idea of creating a specialized solution for the field staff that works with their franchise network / dealers on a day-to-day basis. Given our background in working in the field ourselves and with experience in successfully implementing a Business Management solution, our customers reached out to us to create a solution for the field operations.

To our surprise we found that many companies do not have a good solution for field operations. A large number of them continue to use informal way of reporting and communicating, while some of them use traditional CRM solutions that are both expensive to use and are not fully aligned with the way field operations works with the franchise network. Furthermore, the traditional CRMs are locked down with standard features that are both difficult and expensive to change and grow over time.

Recognizing this problem, we focused on developing a modular solution that is really tailored for the industry we serve – i.e., Automotive, Power Sports, Boating, and Equipment manufacturers in North America and Europe. This has led to the creation of this innovative, comprehensive and user-friendly software solution designed to enhance the effectiveness of Sales and After Sales Field Operations while leveraging data to improve Dealer Network performance.

Having built an effective solution, we continue to invest into growing and enhancing the system to meeting the growing and evolving needs of our customers. As with all other solutions offered by us, we fully believe in continuous improvements and growth as we learn more through our research and our customers’ insights.

About Optimum Info

It all started with a phone call from an industry contact who was tired of the inflexibility of the system they had and the price they were required to pay for every small change they requested in the system.

We had just started our automotive-focused business solutions company when our contact asked if we could build a business management system from the ground-up. They did not have the budget to invest in a system nor offered any guarantee of business, but they knew of our outside-in culture, knowledge of the industry and had confidence in our ability to execute.

Taking on the challenge with the idea of building a disruptive solution gave birth to Optimum Info. We created a solution focused on end-users, leveraged technology and designed to be flexible and growth- oriented. We first deployed a modern, highly flexible and scalable business management system and have never looked back!

Since then, we have expanded the range of our solutions into other related areas, gained several new accounts and expanded to other industries that use a franchise network to sell high-value products.

All of our solutions include a comprehensive range of features & functionality and embody our core principles of flexibility, ease of use, and fast performance.

Innovation and solving problems while offering on- going growth to our customers is what we thrive on. We provide on-going system improvements at no additional costs and require no change orders.

We now have a range of software solutions that help companies optimize the performance of their network of dealers.

Our Global Operations

Optimum head office is located in Irvine, California and our software engineering & support center is located in Ahmedabad, India. We also have representatives in Canada, Germany, Sweden, UK, Belgium, and Italy to help support our customers and be close to them.

We aim to grow our geographical footprint with our customers, so we understand the nuances of each region and support our customers effectively.

World map displaying Optimum Info's global operations and office locations

Core Values

Our growth is based on the following core values we have ingrained in our company:

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Strong Customer-oriented approach

We adopt a customer-centric / outside-in approach that incorporates our understanding of industry practices and our customer preferences to grow our solutions on a continuous basis.

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Adding Value

We strive to add value in our processes and endeavors, sometimes questioning our customers and even thinking on their behalf. Again, our core belief is that we build great solutions by going above and beyond what may be required.

The Optimum Advantage

Powerful & Innovative Solutions
  • End-user focused systems
  • Flexible and highly configurable architecture
  • Adapt and grow with technical innovations
  • Powerful self-admin capabilities
Strong & Efficient Delivery Processes
  • Strong internal platforms for collaboration
  • Effective use of global delivery model
  • Fast turn-around
Continuous Improvement Approach
  • Collaborative approach
  • On-going Improvements & Enhancements