Optimum Info’s IKON is a unique dealer contact management solution that offers a vertically focused CRM system, made specifically with the automotive, transportation, powersport and equipment manufacturers in mind. In this post we will explore how IKON is a CRM solution and much more.

IKON has an array of features to handle dealer contacts as well as increase performance of field teams and dealers. Users are able to prepare for dealer visits and create a productive meeting agenda using a KPI dashboard, dealer scorecards and integrated calendar. During the dealer contact meeting, field managers can open the agenda, discuss topics, assign action plans, complete assignments and document the details of the meeting in a structured manner. The meeting minutes and supporting information are then automatically turned into a contact report. IKON also includes dealer surveys to collect data out in the field, identify deficiencies and create dealer action plans.

Unlike typical CRM solutions, Optimum offers a free trial / test-drive of the IKON solution. This comprehensive test-drive ensures that potential customers are confident of the benefits IKON can provide their company and the ease of use for the end users. The test drive system includes the capabilities to schedule meetings, plan and execute action plans, dealer assessments and much more. While other CRM platforms will charge thousands of dollars for change orders, Optimum Info provides change orders free of charge because of our vertical focus. IKON can deliver quick results at the lowest costs.

Implementation of IKON is a smooth process with few customizations needed as the system is readily designed for dealer contact management. IKON can accommodate multiple data feeds, including third party data feeds and place them all in one convenient location. IKON can also integrate with Optimum Info’s other platforms, such as parts and warranty, to fit business needs. With its unique features, competitive pricing and ease of implementation, IKON stands out in the CRM world as a solution that adds significant value – both in terms of time and money.

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