Kia Motors America significantly improves field operations productivity by reducing time spent preparing for a dealer contact meeting by more than 60%.

Kia Motors America (KMA) is one of the leading automotive brands offering a wide range of vehicles sold through a network of nearly 800 dealers in the U.S. The company employs several District Managers (both in Sales and After-Sales operations) working with about 12-18 dealerships each to support dealer performance and the company performance. An in-person contact meeting held at a dealership is an integral part of this process along with effective documentation of the meeting.


The previous system used for contact meetings at KMA was very limited and did not help the District Managers document meetings effectively. It also used to take a significant amount of time for DMs to prepare for their meetings – reviewing dealer performance, checking prior discussions and scheduling their calendar. Typically, it would take nearly 2 hours for a District Manager to prepare for each meeting.

Furthermore, documenting the meeting was also very cumbersome and consumed significant amount of time. It was also difficult for the regional management to review meetings and control the process.

Implementing a Solution

  • Expedites the execution of corporate and field initiatives
  • Significantly reduces the time field managers spend preparing for dealer visits
  • Helps field managers become a consultant / coach to their dealers
  • Enhances decision making and strategic planning to increase dealership profitability
  • KMA and Optimum Info teamed up to implement a one-stop and integrated system to help district managers prepare for their visits, schedule appointments, complete contact reports and generate and track very specific activities that need to be carried out.
  • KMA wanted a system which would provide accurate and defendable data on dealer performance. The tool would help their field staff be consultants to their dealers.
  • KMA implemented the full range of Optimum’s Dealer Contact System features; Contact Report Management, Action Items, Field Assignments, Dealer Assessments, Fixed Operations Business Planning, and Management Reports.
  • The collaborative nature between KMA and Optimum during development was key to both organizations’ success. Optimum was directly involved with the creation which expedited the implementation and resulted in a better application. The result was more than just a contact reporting system; it was a comprehensive management tool to drive dealer performance improvements.
  • The Contact System helped the field organization effectively manage the complete contact report process. Through the system, field managers planned their dealer visits. This involved reviewing dealership performance, defining agendas, scheduling meetings, and sending meeting invitations to dealer personnel.
  • The system created a structure to facilitate meeting discussions around specific topics which were aligned with KMA strategic objectives. Field managers analyzed dealership performance, reviewed company initiatives, and created plans for improvement.
  • Meeting details were recorded in an easy and organized manner. The system notified all concerned (internal KMA and dealer personnel) with the key results of the contact meeting along with the contact report itself.
  • Action Items were part of the contact reports. They were used to help dealers set goals and track their performance. Field Assignments were used to communicate tasks, corporate initiatives, and network programs. Dealer Assessments were used to survey dealership processes in specific operational areas.

Results & Benefits

Blue quotation marks After using the KDCR (Kawasaki Dealer Contact Report) system for over 12 months, and working closely with the Optimum account team throughout this process, I can honestly say that my initial expectations and project objectives have been consistently exceeded due to the hard work and dedication of Optimum. This company provides a winning combination of value and expertise. Blue quotation marks

Senior Manager, Dealer Development & Training
Kawasaki Motors Corp

Optimum’s dealer contact system has provided better value to KMC compared to their previous system and has made their field teams more productive. They are better prepared for meetings and have easy access to insightful KPIs, reports and other important data.

  • After the rollout of the system, KMC conducted 1000 contact meetings in 12 months.
  • Accessible from anywhere, the cloud-based system enabled KMC to implement a phone contact process that allowed the field to conduct contact meetings with dealers remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The system has been expanded for use to KMC’s Parts and Accessories team
  • KMC has acknowledged Optimum’s support team as five stars

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