We all know that one size does not fit all and that extensive customization to fit a solution to your needs is always expensive and time consuming.

It is for this reason that our approach is to create vertically focused solutions that are uniquely aligned to the needs of our customers in the industry we serve.

Of all the different CRM software options available, Optimum Info’s IKON is the only solution designed specifically for OEMs to manage their Field Operations with the dealer network in Automotive, Powersports and Equipment industries.

The needs for managing your field team’s interaction with respective dealers is quite different from a traditional CRM that is geared more towards sales transactions. The Field Operations team is more focused on strengthening the franchise network so they can effectively represent the company and sell and service the company’s product well. While most CRM solutions must be customized extensively to fit this need of the industry, Optimum’s IKON is built around the core goal of enhancing collaboration and strengthening the network.

IKON is a performance-based CRM software with added features such as contact visit reports, field assignments, action plans and a dealer scorecard module to help OEM field teams collaborate effectively with their dealers to improve & strengthen network performance.

Users are able to prepare for dealer visits and create a productive meeting agenda using a KPI dashboard and dealer scorecards. During the dealer contact meeting, field managers can open the agenda, discuss topics, assign action plans, complete assignments, and document the details of the meeting in a structured manner. The meeting minutes and supporting information are then automatically turned into a contact report.

Traditional CRM solutions typically lack collaborative features for field managers to interact with their dealers on a month-to-month basis, so users resort to relying on emails which is not an efficient tool for communication. With IKON’s industry-specific processes and communication tools, the OEM field managers and dealer can collaborate seamlessly.

IKON is a unique system designed to streamline and improve the contact management process by enabling Automotive, Equipment and Powersports OEMs to collaborate with their field managers and dealerships effectively to drive performance. With innovative features, competitive pricing and complimentary change orders, IKON is a value-added solution that can start delivering results quickly and in an inexpensive manner.

IKON’s vertical focus will help you implement and start using the system rapidly (in a matter of a few weeks). Additionally, we continue to grow the system based on the requirements of the industry making new features available to you on a regular basis at no additional costs. A vertical focused solution, therefore, provides significant value to companies in terms of time and money.

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